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2017 technology overview: live chat, chatbot, chatops

Chats, in all its forms, is the single technology that will play a significant role in 2017. As also supported by a report of the Wall Street Journal, instant messaging will represent the most relevant technology for the current year, as it will allow a better synergy and engagement among people and software applications.
This significant trend has already emerged in 2016, as messaging systems have seen a significant growth in private and personal use both within social networks and through other commonly used mobile apps.

Based on this trend, chats will technology will also increasingly adopted in business for internal corporate use to support operations and for Customer Care and Support services.
Within corporate organization, chats, in particular those of group ones, are taking off. These group Chats use as a working communication tool within business teams is increasing significantly. Chats are especially popular because they can be used as a synchronous channel of interaction like a meeting or a phone call or asynchronously, as an email. Chat communications that are streamlining business communication are called “ChatOps” – messaging platforms focused to support the coordination and business operations management. Such ChatOps will surely represent a real trend for 2017.

We expect an increase of interactions managed through Chats in the area of Customer Service and Support. “Chatbots” defined as messaging services supported by artificial intelligence, or machine learning, therefore not managed by humans will be increasingly installed and configured to provide self-servicing support since able to understand questions and provide the appropriate answer. Chatbot are used to provide a personalized Customer Experience and offer an easily accessible direct channel of communication with the Brand. The online user also called digital customer, can get answers to questions, find out what is for sale, review specific promotions, and solve problems without having to call or send emails. Chatbot’s are more than just programmed applications that interact with users, but represent real virtual assistants, call center agents and sales assistants, able to support a human natural language dialogue.

Pat Engagent platform is the innovative Chabot that allows real-time users communication, in one-to-one or using cross communication channels; improved operational results that can be delivered by combining virtual support to operational support teams. A Hybrid system able to take full advantage of the virtual assistance to easily self-solve users most frequently asked questions, while utilizing human agents only when really needed.